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Where are your vending machines?

We have over 50 machines across Singapore in multiple locations.

Please CLICK HERE to locate our vending machines.

I am a landlord. I have space that is not generating any income. How can you help?

Are you a landlord and you have space that is not generating income?

Why not utilise your space and maximise your income?

Given the size of vending machines, we can fit in many places that other retailers cannot.

Contact us if you have a space!

Why vending machine?

With 53 years of experience in retail industry, we understand how difficult it is to survive in Singapore. We believe that automated retail is the future of this industry for many reasons.

Some of them are:

  1. Lower Space Cost
  2. Lower Labour Cost
  3. Advanced Technology

Are you a retailer as well?

Why not consider using vending machines to automate your business?

Let’s future proof together!

What is special about your vending machines?

Unlike the typical type of vending machines available elsewhere, our vending machines come with touch-screen, complete telemetry and built-in Camera.

Our live vending machine management system enables us to monitor the time, place and price of each purchase made. This is also a great marketing tool to discover the consumer’s sales patterns.

Many more amazing functions are available and under development.

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How can I sell my products in a vending machine?

Thinking of going vending? It is easy!

You can rent or purchase our vending machines or consign your goods in our vending machines.

Please contact us to find out more.

Can I have a customised vending machine?

Yes, of course!

We also specialise in vending machine customisation.

We can customise the machines to sell anything from food, flowers to even cars!

Contact us for further information.

Can I consign my products to be sold in your vending machines?

Yes, we do.


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